by New Colonies

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33 Forever Records
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released November 7, 2015



all rights reserved


New Colonies Tempe, Arizona

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Track Name: Bleached Bones
a siren wails
someone, somewhere is dying
it's more than clear
that i'm not even trying

washed up on the rocks, just like this drink
sit and feel it rot, like the food in the sink
washed up on the rocks, just like this drink

i wake up with indecision
crack my knuckles, spit, and call it in the air
i can only feel when i blur my vision
and i'm feeling blind tonight

the moon hangs high
cracked bulb in the sky pulling
an ocean tide
in my guts, swirling
Track Name: League of Extraordinary Failures
grinding my teeth down to the nubs
trying to get out of this trap i made
my own device. my life in vices
cracked my chest to the spine
trying to get down to the root of my
inability to let you know

angry all the time
angry at the weight of my
the toll that it all takes on you

stacked the deck with all my
pieces that i could find to make
everything somebody else's fault
but i'm the only one that
has to live in my mind with all
that keep me so

i will fail, i will fuck up
i'll let me down, but it won't be everytime
i will fail, i will fuck up
i will be fine
Track Name: Beneath My Blood
six thousand five hundred days
drunk on the roof again, new years day
covered up all the clocks to try and stop time
talked me down off a cliff

100 times
honest and unwavering
me, i hide my lines
in sarcasm and vagary

an 86 and the 101
slept through the night again sitting up
rip out the guts so we can start again
that day i died

be the bones beneath my blood
be the spine that holds my head up

we're all we ever needed
hide in model hands where no one else can see
we're all we ever need
we share a rusty luck and kiss through broken teeth

all the time
honest and unwavering
all the time
Track Name: Rot and Rain
counting curses until i fall asleep
my minds a wolf, my heart a field of sheep
start to relate with the clocked out and jaded
but i know that can never be my home

the walls are buckling
the roof is caving in
from the rot and it's raining

lay me bare and strip my veins
sell whats left so you can keep on making rent
i sweat through the sheets, i spit out my teeth
i carry around this bag of creaky bones

but i can't sleep in
because i don't believe
in god or fate to make things right for me

settling, i'm not settling, i'm not settling